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D450 Counterfeit Bill ScannerD450 Counterfeit Bill Scanner

D450 Counterfeit Bill Scanner


30 Day Money Back Guarantee
3 Year Warranty
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D450 Counterfeit Bill Scanner

Automatic Bleached Bill Counterfeit Detector With Visual And Audio Alert
Checks For UV Measures, Magnetic Ink, Watermarks And Infrared In Less Than 1 Second Per Bill
Quick And Easy To Use
Saves Time & Labor Costs
Immediate Banknote Verification
Easily Updated For New Bill Releases
Reduces Counterfeit Losses Due To Human Error
The D450 Counterfeit Bill Scanner’s self-feeding detection system eliminates the need to visually inspect suspicious notes. This automatic counterfeit detector checks for ultraviolet markings, magnetic ink, and infrared in less than 1 second per bill. An audible and visual warning notifies the user if the bill passed or failed the test.

Great for bars, nightclubs, restaurants, movie theaters and any other business where cash transactions take place.

Immediate banknote verification
Reduces counterfeit losses due to human error
Saves time & labor costs
Quick and easy to use
Ultraviolet, Magnetic, Infrared & Watermark detection functions
Easy to use with a “Passed or failed” test
High speed: less than 1 second per bill
Currency accepted: U.S. Dollar

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